Traffic Tickets

If you have received a traffic ticket, you may face hefty fine, points on your license, and annual surcharges based upon the number of points on your license.

Most people receive a traffic ticket at one point in life or another. Often, people feel that it is not worth the cost of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in the Municipal Williamson County Justice of the Peace Courts. However, a conviction on your driving record can have longer-lasting effects, including increased insurance premiums. Traffic Tickets include speeding tickets, red light tickets, stop sign tickets, right of way tickets, and turning tickets. The Law Office of Terrence Marsh can help you handle your traffic tickets.

Traffic Ticket Attorney in Georgetown TX

In Texas, traffic tickets are generally Class C Misdemeanors and can carry a fine up to $500. Traffic tickets are considered moving violations. Different regulations apply to individuals with their Commercial Drivers License or CDL. In many cases, when dealing with regular, non-CDL drivers, the driver may be eligible to have their ticket dismissed by taking a Driver’s Safety Course. If a client chooses to take the ticket to trial at the Justice of the Peace Court, another option is available by an appeal to the County Court. As your traffic ticket lawyer, my office will outline your options to help you make decisions regarding your traffic ticket.

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