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What is a Criminal Confession in Texas

What is a Criminal Confession in Texas?

Attorney Marsh

In Texas, as in other states, a criminal confession is a formal acknowledgment of guilt during a criminal investigation. This all goes back to your 5th Amendment Right to Remain Silent. When someone is suspected of committing a crime, police will begin their investigation. The investigation may start with police making direct contact with the person accused. Before, during, or after that first contact, police gather evidence to build their case against the person accused. If the person accused makes any statements to the police, they may be considered admissions instead of confessions. Under Texas law, confessions must be recorded by video/audio…

Warrant lg

How Do I Get Rid of My Warrants in Texas?

Attorney Marsh

You want your warrants cleared up. You want to put them behind you and not be worried every time you see a police officer. You’re even afraid that the police will show up to your home, or even worse, your job. It’s like the fear of lighting striking. It could happen anywhere and at any time. Every so often I get a phone call from someone who says “I might have a warrant out.” Usually the warrant that they’re talking about is a Warrant for Arrest. If they’re saying that they might, the answer is almost certainly that yes, there…

Party on 6th Street

I Was Arrested on the Weekend in Austin and I Need a Lawyer

Attorney Marsh

This is a problem that a lot of people run into when they’re out in Downtown Austin. Rainey Street and Sixth Street have a lot of bars and are popular tourist attractions and bar hopping spots for students from Texas State and UT. Whether you’re a tourist or not, you’ve probably gone out to the bars on either of these streets. If you’ve been out on a good night on Sixth Street, chances are that you’ve seen the picture above. Rainey Street usually caters to an older crowd but this doesn’t mean that arrests don’t happen. One too many drinks…