How to Request an Occupational License in Texas

Occupational Driver’s licenses or ODL’s are requested following a suspension or revocation. Recently I’ve had two clients who have been charged with DWI. Normally, following an arrest for DWI, an Administrative License Revocation Hearing is held (only if requested – Click that link to learn how to request and ALR Hearing) and a license suspension occurs. In addition, failure to pay child support and/or traffic tickets can also result in a suspension of your license. Texas is very spread out and driving is an everyday necessity. An occupational driver’s license would permit a license holder to travel for example: to doctor’s appointments, to and from work, and to get groceries from the store. This is how to request an occupational license in Texas.

A request of an occupational driver’s license begins with an Order of Suspension. An Order of Suspension will be sent you in the mail by DPS to give you notice. For an example see:

Order of SuspensionThis is what the Order of Suspension will look like when it arrives in the mail. It will detail the reason for the suspension along with how long the suspension will last. Although the length of suspension is listed, under certain conditions, you may still request an ODL. Eligibility depends on a variety of factors.

Within the past year, requesting an Occupational License in Texas has become much easier and more accessible. A petition for an Occupational Driver’s License may be filed in the Justice of the Peace Court in the County and Precinct where you reside. The filing fee for the petition is $46 compared to the filing fee of around $225 dollars in the County/District Courts.

Here’s a checklist for my clients so that they can start getting their documents together so that I can prepare your Petition for an Occupational Driver’s License.

Click on the Occupational Driver’s License Checklist to get started.

The documents my clients need to gather for the Petition are listed in the Checklist but I will briefly list them again.

1. Order of Suspension

2. Certified Copy of Your Driving Record (Can be purchased/printed online)

3. SR-22 Liability Insurance (Request from your insurance company)

4. A letter from your Employer stating your need to drive for work.

Once you have all of your documents together, a Petition can be drafted to file in the Justice of the Peace Court or County Court.

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