I Was Arrested on the Weekend in Austin and I Need a Lawyer

I Was Arrested on the Weekend in Austin and I Need a Lawyer

This is a problem that a lot of people run into when they’re out in Downtown Austin. Rainey Street and Sixth Street have a lot of bars and are popular tourist attractions and bar hopping spots for students from Texas State and UT. Whether you’re a tourist or not, you’ve probably gone out to the bars on either of these streets. If you’ve been out on a good night on Sixth Street, chances are that you’ve seen the picture above. Rainey Street usually caters to an older crowd but this doesn’t mean that arrests don’t happen. One too many drinks can lead into an arrest. It’s important to keep in mind a few tips while you’re out and the chance is high that you’ll deal with police. Always be polite to the police. If you wind up in jail for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or a Class C Misdemeanor such as public intoxication (PI), Minor in Consumption (MIC) or Minor in Possession (MIP) then the first thought on your mind will be getting out of jail.

Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated – DWI in Austin

I’ve had quite a few clients come in who have been arrested for DWI in Austin. This one is unfortunate because it is avoidable. There are many pedi-cabs, cabs, Ubers, Lyfts etc… in Downtown Austin. I try to give my clients some tips for when they’re stopped for DWI or any other possible crime. If you are arrested for DWI in Austin on the weekend, the first thought on your mind will be – How do I get out of jail?

Rainey Street in Austin

The answer to that question depends on what type of bond the Magistrate or Judge has set for you. Often, a bail bondsman or an attorney can get you out of jail in Austin. The benefit with hiring a lawyer to get you out of jail on the weekend in Austin is that most lawyers will roll the bail into their charge for representing you in Court. Most clients spend their money or their parents money on getting bailed out of jail first and then hiring a lawyer. At that point, if you can’t afford a lawyer, then you may need to ask for a Court appointed lawyer. I’ve gotten quite a few phone calls from worried mothers and fathers in the middle of the night. Each time the question is the same. They want to know how to get their son or daughter out of jail and what’s next?

How to find a lawyer on the weekends in Austin?

Some make jail visits, some don’t. Hiring a lawyer on the weekends in Austin can be difficult. Price may be an issue, but it’s the rest of your life or your child’s life we’re talking about here. Most lawyers work a 9am – 5pm schedule on Monday to Friday. If that’s the case, you’re son or daughter can be sitting in jail until Monday morning without getting the advice they need. Jail visits are the place where you want to see yourself or your child. Some questions don’t seem like they can wait until Monday. You or your parents are concerned about your future after being arrested. How quickly can this case be put behind you? Will you lose your driver’s license? Is there jail time with a DWI, PI, MIC, or MIP?

Getting you, your son or daughter’s side of the story as soon as possible can affect the outcome of the case. Why? That’s because the memory of what happened is fresh in their mind. The details and events of their arrest will be easier to remember closer to the arrest rather than days later. I try to visit with clients as soon as possible after I’m hired. Your case or your child’s case are my focus. I like to answer your biggest questions so you’re not left in the dark. Like I’ve said before, putting your mind at ease is one of my main jobs.

Cost of Hiring a Lawyer vs. Value of Hiring a Lawyer

Many potential clients or their parents have come into my office and they are shopping around for price. A criminal charge, especially a DWI, may be the biggest criminal charge that you or your child will ever have. If you focus only on price, and it’s a hunt to find the cheapest lawyer possible in Austin, don’t be surprised about the outcome of the case. Too often I’ve had potential clients come back with convictions on their record when they’ve looked for the cheapest lawyer possible. If you were in need of surgery, would you find the cheapest doctor possible? Probably not. Losing your driver’s license may be temporary. A conviction stays on your record for life.


Before you go out on Sixth Street or Rainey Street, make sure to have a plan to get home. Look after each other. Many arrests can be easily avoided. Think about the advantages or disadvantages of hiring a bail bondsman or a lawyer to get you or your child out of jail. If you’ve been arrested on the weekend in Austin, you’ll want legal help as soon as possible. Cost is a big factor when hiring a lawyer. The peace of mind in having your questions answered, phone calls returned, will be well worth the price. However, as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

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