The Attorney Client Relationship

The Attorney Client Relationship

The attorney client relationship begins when someone consults a lawyer about their legal issues. I’m going to refer specifically to this relationship in the area of criminal law. The attorney client relationship, and its protections under the law, have existed for centuries. This relationship is included in the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers,

Jury Trial or Trial by Judge?

This post relates to a previous post on the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of the right to an attorney in the U.S. Constitution (the Sixth Amendment also includes the right to a jury trial). This right to a jury trial is also found in TWO places in the Texas Constitution. In the Texas Constitution Article 1,

Should I Take a Plea Bargain?

Should I Take a Plea Bargain?

The decision whether or not to take a plea bargain in a criminal case is ultimately up to you, as the Defendant. One question that I hear over and over again from people I bump into and clients I have is – should I take a plea bargain? It is important to remember that in

Texas Criminal Subpoenas

What is a subpoena? A subpoena is the legal term for a document which orders a person to come to Court. It can be used in criminal and civil cases. Usually a subpoena is directed at an individual person and orders them to testify during a Court case. A person may be ordered to testify

Police Body Cameras in Texas

What is a body camera? Most people follow the national news either online, on TV, newspapers, radio or a mixture of sources. If you’ve followed the national news in the past 6-8 months you’d see that more and more people are second guessing the actions of police officers and the citizens they come into contact

Collateral Consequences of Conviction

What are collateral consequences? Collateral consequences are the additional affects or penalties after you’ve been convicted of a crime. Some collateral consequences of a conviction include, losing the right to vote, being denied student loans through the government, loss of employment opportunities, deportation, loss of a professional license, and your arrest/mugshot as a permanent public