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If you live in Central Texas and you’ve received a Collection Letter due to a Toll Road Violation from TxTag, please contact my office.

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With the creation of Toll Roads in Central Texas – Texas Toll Road 45, Texas Toll Road 130, Texas Toll Road 183A and Texas Toll Road 290 – many Texans take advantage of the convenience of the Toll Roads offer. However, use of the Toll Roads comes at a price. Use of electronic tags such as TxTag provide discounted tolls. To receive the discount from TxTag, Texans need to keep an up to date account. An up to date account includes a current address, a valid credit card, debit card, or checking account on file to refill the account when toll funds are used.

Q: How are the toll road violations so high in the Collection Letter?

A: Under Texas law, toll road companies have the authority to charge this $100 administrative fee under Texas Transportation Code Sections § 706.002 and § 706.006. However, it is highly recommended that you think about fighting your Txtag Toll Road Violation. See my blog post on Fighting a Txtag Toll Road Violation.

Texas Toll Road 183AMost problems for Texans arise from failure to keep accounts up to date. Mail may be delivered to the wrong address and expired credit cards on file allow the TxTag account to become empty without automatic refill. If Toll Road Violations go on long enough, criminal charges may be filed in addition to a Collections Letter.


Transportation Code Section § 228.054. FAILURE OR REFUSAL TO PAY TOLL is a Class C misdemeanor and is punishable with a fine up to $250. If you received a Collections Letter or a notice for Failure or Refusal to Pay Toll, you will need a Toll Road Violations Lawyer to help negotiate payment plans and handle the class C misdemeanor. Texas Toll Road 290




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