Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug crimes can include possession, sale, manufacture, and distribution. The jail time or fine you’re facing will depend a few factors.

Things to Consider in Your Drug Case

  1.  What drug is it? Certain drugs are considered controlled substances. Drugs are categorized by “schedules.” Drugs listed in Schedules 1 and 2 carry most severe penalties and those in 3 and 4 are less severe and usually filed as misdemeanors. For example, heroin would be a schedule 1 drug, Cocaine is a Schedule 2 drug.
  2. How much of the drug did you have? Quantity, quantity, quantity. It’s the difference that makes a difference. Were you arrested with a dime bag and a bowl? Or were you arrested for 2 kilos of cocaine in the trunk? If you got arrested with a small amount of marijuana ( for example under 4 oz.), and a pipe then you may have kept it for personal use. However, if you have 2 kilos of coke in the trunk, it would seem like you’re dealing it or transporting it. For example, how much weed is a felony in Texas?
  3. What was the purpose of the drug? Prescription drug dealing is huge. Many clients have been arrested for having pills on them which they have no prescription for. Like I mentioned above, the Schedule or class of drug matters. “Harder” drugs get harder punishments.
  4. What other evidence was found with those drugs? This focuses on other crimes you might be charged with. Sometimes police will find digital scales, baggies, chemicals to make drugs, or equipment to make drugs. These things may show that you’re manufacturing or distributing the drugs. This means increased penalties.

Entire books could be written on the topic of drug crimes. Depending on the nature of the crime, charges could be filed in Texas state courts or Federal court.

From marijuana to methamphetamine – whether you have been pulled over and your car has been searched or your home has been raided, your Constitutional rights have to be honored. If police illegally search your car, or home, or body, then their own case may go up in smoke…

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