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The most common Assault charge in Williamson County is Assault Family Violence. Most people call this domestic violence. Domestic violence cases can be very difficult to work on. Recently I wrote a blog post about these types of cases. One of the most common questions I get asked is… My Boyfriend/Girlfriend was arrested for domestic violence, can I drop the charges? Read that blog post and it should answer a lot of questions you have about your domestic violence case.

The Beginning of a Domestic Violence Case

What can start as a simple argument at home can turn into four cop cars in front of your house. Throwing things across the room, slapping, punching, kicking, choking, etc… are just a few examples of the things that I’ve read in police reports. Police will often include the worst details in their reports to be used against you. Because of these types of facts, bail or bond amounts are set high.

Assault Family Violence cases revolve around the victim and their relationship to the person who attacked them. If that person is blood related, related by adoption, in the same household, or in a dating relationship, this can be enough for the assault to be considered “family violence.”


The Effects of the Arrest and Conviction

There are many rippling consequences to assault family violence convictions. These ripples are called collateral consequences. Professional licenses can be lost and skilled tradesmen can be can prevented from being bonded.

A main fear people, especially gun owners have is they can lose their right to possess a firearm for five years from the date that the person is released from jail or the date which the person’s probation ends. A career in the military or in law enforcement can be ended by a conviction.

Protective orders are frequently issued against individuals accused of family violence, and can prevent them from being able to return home or from having contact with members of their household. If a person is charged a second time with Assault Family Violence the offense is charged as a third degree felony

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