Assault Lawyer

Assault charges are very serious and the punishment can go from a $500 fine all the way up to life in prison. Sometimes it’s not always easy to keep your hands to yourself. Sometimes the other person started the fight. Whatever the reason, and however it ended, assault arrests are no joke. Depending on how the assault happened, it can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. Assaults usually involve threats or violence. If you threaten someone, hit someone with your fists, hands, feet, etc… you can be charged with assault.

Assault Family Violence in Texas (Domestic Violence)

One of the most common types of assault cases that come up involve domestic violence of “family violence” as it is called in Texas. Many people think that victims of family violence can just “drop the charges.” This isn’t necessarily true anymore. The difference between assault and assault family violence is the fact that the victim is a member of your household. If you want a better explanation, read my post on Domestic Violence charges in Texas.


Punishment and Aftermath

Punishment for assault can include jail time, fines, probation, counseling, and even a permanent criminal record. Secondary effects, called collateral consequences, of an assault conviction can be problems with future employment. But not everything is lost. You may be able to have your record sealed depending on how your case is finalized.

The Beginning and The End of Your Case

Common situations where assault charges arise are bar fights, domestic violence or family violence, and fights on the street. More often than not, police and prosecutors will charge you with the highest level assault charge possible. Although my office is in Georgetown, I represent clients in Travis and Williamson Counties. With my help we’ll be able to completely review the evidence against you when I request what is called Criminal Discovery. The evidence will usually include police reports, pictures, dash cam video, and police body camera video.

This case may be the first case in your life or it may be one of many. Either way, having someone their to guide you through the process will help remove a lot of the worry, stress, and anxiety that you’re feeling. After reviewing the evidence together, it will help to make decisions about your case such as plea bargain options and trial options.The fear of the unknown can keep us up at night. I’ll help to limit you surprises and let you know what to expect up around the turns.

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